Cancelled, Renewed & New Shows for 2016-17


So the other day while doing my article on Elementary, I got to thinking about how many shows are being cancelled and the fact that I was struggling to keep up with what was going on, so I have scoured the Internet and have for you that latest on the cancelled,  Renewed and for good measure a few of the new shows coming up. I think I have them all covered but you know how quickly stuff changes on the Internet but tis is the complete list as of today.


Renewed Shows 2016

● American Crime
● black-ish
● Dr Ken
● The Catch
● Fresh Off The Boat
● The Goldbergs
● Grey’s Anatomy
● How To Get Away With Murder
● Last Man Standing
● Marvel’s Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D
● The Middle
● Modern Family
● Once Upon A time
● The Real O’Neals
● Secrets and…

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Game of Thrones SN6 E6 – ‘Blood of My Blood’

Welcome my khalasar, to your weekly review of Game of Thrones. The episode I shall be recapping is episode 6 of season 6 —’Blood of My Blood.’ Let’s get started!

The Frozen Forest

Meera is doing her best to pull Bran to safety through the Frozen Forest, but she is struggling with the burden. Bran continues to have visions, he even sees the Mad King in the past, and the wights in the present getting closer and closer to their location. Meera apologizes to Bran, seeing the wights surrounding them, but a mysterious hooded figure on horseback arrives and starts killing the wights. The man on horseback pulls Meera and Bran onto his horse and they flee. Later on as the cloaked figure prepares Bran a fresh hot cup of bloody rabbit, Bran asks him who he is. Pulling back his hood, he reveals himself to be Bran’s uncle, Benjen Stark. He reveals…

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The Flash Finale Reveal – The Man in the Iron Mask

Finally! The real Jay Garrick!

A few months ago in The Flash episode 14 of season 2 — “Escape from Earth-2,” we were introduced to an unidentifiable character: the man in the iron mask. This character was a prisoner of Zoom’s and was held hostage in, what I like to call, the Zoom Cave. He couldn’t talk due to the iron mask, but continued to tap on the glass of his prison wall. Barry and Jesse successfully had a crack at translating what the message was: J-A-Y. They assumed that the imprisoned man was simply telling them what they already knew: that Jay was Zoom. The poor, poor imprisoned man. The frustration must’ve been killing him.


[I recommend watching the season 2 finale before reading the rest of this spoiler paragraph.] Theories spewed out of fans — I read theories from Wally West to Henry Allen, but oh no. None of them were correct. As of last night’s…

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The CW’S Big Crossover: Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl


It’s time for the biggest crossover in CW history! Since Supergirl was moved from the CBS network to The CW, The CW now has four superhero shows. Arrow on Wednesdays, The Flash on Tuesdays, Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays, and now Supergirl to be aired on Mondays.

Mark Pedowitz, President of The CW

During The CW’s upfront presentation on May 19th, CW president Mark Pedowitz officially disclosed that next season an epic four-show crossover is set to take place. “Next season, Arrow, The Flash, Legendsof Tomorrow, and now Supergirl will join forces in our annual crossover event, our biggest ever.” A round of applause please, for the words that will make our universe explode come that episode.

We already know that this is definitely an attainable possibility, having seen annual crossovers, starting with Arrow and The Flash. Both shows later crossed over with select members of Legends of Tomorrow ahead of…

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